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Debt Financing for Small Businesses

Looking into financing your own business. There are many simple ways of financing a business. Each way has its own advantages and disadvantages. For anyone starting a business, their goal is make it flourish and successful. There are many factors that makes any business successful. One most important thing is a stable capital. Unfortunately now […]

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Can You Use Your Credit Cards To Start A Small Business

A credit card, which is made of metal or plastic, is a card issued by a financial or credit institution. With such card, you are given the capability to make various purchases and/or payments by borrowing money from the issuing institution or company until a certain limit. You are then given until the end of […]

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Equity as the basis for starting a business

In order to set up your business, you should have equity if possible. Because the equity ensures that Your company remains solvent the risk of liquidity problems is minimized You have to draw less outside the capital The minimum equity capital should not be below 20% if possible Bringing inequity makes it easier for you […]

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