Debt is not only a burden in any company, but also on the psyche. Debt-free life is more relaxed.

If you have a good financial management when selling a house for cash, you can save more and thus lay an important basis for the future.

Real estate business: tips on how to optimize your budget

Keep track of your finances with a household book

Perhaps the most important tip when dealing with money is to get a good overview of your current situation.

In essence, it is about the following questions: How much money is available each month and how high are the expenses? This includes recurring costs such as office rent, purchases, electricity, insurance, and health insurance fees.

It is worthwhile to write down all income and expenses at the beginning and to get an overview. The easiest way to do this is the good old way which is with pen and paper.

If you don’t know where to start, you can keep all the receipts for a few weeks and see exactly what the money was spent on. It’s amazing how quickly small amounts add up.

Manage and cancel subscriptions like a pro

Many people forget to cancel their unused subscriptions. They pay for goods and services they don’t need.

Who actually knows exactly how much money is spent monthly on recurring payments? A survey conducted by JP Morgan Chase in the US found that more than two-thirds of consumers forget an expense item.

Managing and canceling subscriptions is part of good money management. The use of prepaid services has also proven itself.


Prepaid cards offer many advantages

Credit cards are handy, no question about it. But they are also the reason why more and more people are caught in a spiral of debt. If you have trouble keeping to your budget or are worried about debt, you should not use a classic credit card.

Prepaid cards, which are becoming increasingly popular, are more suitable. Prepaid credit cards offer interesting perspectives and are suitable for anyone who wants to use the advantages of a credit card without its disadvantages.

The principle is as simple as it is effective. Prepaid cards are loaded with credit and can be used just like a normal credit card online and in physical stores. The advantage is that only the card balance is spent and no debt is incurred.