The LadderTop Awards

Social media is all in the rage these days. Almost every person is using it to connect with others, for entertainment or simply to be stay up-to-date of current events. These days however, businesses are taking advantage of this platform as well to become noticeable. Thus, making their presence felt in the spectrum and to their local area of operation.

If you want to dominate the virtual space especially the social media realm, then here are few yet powerful steps that can be done to make your market “like” you.

Fan Page Likes

If you have not created a Facebook Fan Page yet, then do so. Once done, ask your colleagues and others to “like” it. This takes consumers a couple of seconds to hit the “like” button.

Make the most of this simple yet functional marketing tool on your social media account.

Endorsements and Skills

Take time to ask people to add skills on LinkedIn. Much like requesting customers to press the “like” button on Facebook, this is a nice way of asking people who like, know and respect you in stating the things that you are considered to be great at.

Website Activation

Create a page for your business and make sure that it’s active. Then see to it that there’s a call-to-action. This provokes people to take a response ASAP.