Singapore 2018

Would you like to study in Singapore? The first thing to do is to figure out what course you like to pursue.

This way, you are going to get top-notch education and will be strategically positioned in the market you want to be.

In the said country, there are top programs that it is famed at which includes:


One of the prominent programs in SG is management. The country becomes one of the hottest destinations for management courses. It has been hyped up by crazy connectivity and the fact that major companies have a Headquarters in Singapore.

In fact, the country is a hotspot a well for businesses with MNCs such as DHL, GM, Unilever and the likes.

Finance and Banking

Given that Singapore is the financial center for various business activities in Asia, it has witnessed a growth in Banking and Finance related programs for the past several years. Among the major reasons behind this is the availability of job opportunities in the given field. Believe it or not, this falls in the top 10 jobs in the country as per Manpower Ministry statistics released annually.


Singapore is also known as a tech hub. It made a name for itself especially among international students who are pursuing engineering programs. Besides management, engineering colleges in the country has recorded an all time high with the highest figures of international students