New York 2017

You may be surprised how the cost of living in New York is very much different than in other cities. To give you something to visualize, the cost of living in Manhattan was 138.6 percent of US average in the year 2018.

This easily makes it to be the most expensive city as per Kiplinger Survey.

As you ask any New Yorker, they won’t think twice of telling you that living in the city is worst most especially when it comes to the buying or renting a house.

Apartment Rental

You may be paying on the radar of 20,000 dollars per month for an apartment that can accommodate an average-sized family on Upper East Side of Manhattan. If you are saving some on shelter, then you may fork out 2,000 dollars for a small apartment in Queens. Well, this is assuming that it isn’t among the new luxury built buildings in the borough.

Home Purchase

Another thing that may leave your jaw drop is how much the cost of real estate is in Manhattan. On average, it is around $1,773/sq.ft. This amount is in 2018 and the study was performed by NeighborhoodX.

Prices of Groceries

Majority of the grocery items is about 10% higher in New York City compared to other cities. Of course, there are some exceptions. The boneless and skinless chicken breasts are just 3.6 percent more and the tomatoes that are in season are roughly the same price while bottled water and beer might just cost less.