When buying a car, it is not uncommon for considerable sums of money to be involved. That is why you should think carefully before buying a new car for your business.

Do you want to buy cars for your business? With an Auto loan calculator with trade in, you can achieve your business goals on fair terms. In this way, acquisitions can be financed in the medium to long term. At the same time, you save your liquidity.

Your advantages with an Auto loan calculator with trade in

  • You receive financing for capital goods according to your requirements.
  • Your business can save liquidity.
  • You have the choice between different design variants – suitable for your project.
  • The term of your investment loan is never longer than the expected useful life of the financed capital goods.
  • Cooperative advice leads to solutions for your company and for you as an entrepreneur.

Auto loan calculator with trade in: financing of capital goods

This is often offered as a so-called working auto loan which covers your running costs, you can finance your fixed assets with an investment loan. Whether new machines, office equipment, company car or commercial property, the loan gives you the financial leeway you need for your purchases. At the same time, it saves your liquidity. Invest in assets and move your business forward.

Invest and stay liquid thanks to Auto loan calculator with trade in

Auto loan calculator with trade in

With an investment loan, the liquidity of your company is preserved. You finance up to one hundred percent of the investment from the loan.  You can also combine the investment loan with a promotional loan. Borrowers also benefit from planning security. You can set the interest rate for your loan for several years. It is determined by your credit rating and the collateral that you deposit with your bank. The term and repayment of the loan depend on the useful life of your investment.

Financing is one of the most popular ways to buy a car for your business. Basically, this variant is only recommended if you have been driving the vehicle for at least five years and would like to own it at the end of the financing.