E-Commerce is exactly where millennials want things to go moving toward the future because for them, online shopping provides the best shopping experience (XP). Shoppers aged 18 and 35 are the most valuable demographics even if they do not represent the majority. This is primarily because they possess the buying power, which market analysts estimate to have an annual value of $600 billion.

As was expected a few years back, 50% of the workforce in the succeeding years came to comprise millennial shoppers. Roughly by the year 2025, the size of the millennial demographics who have the buying power will swell to 75%. Yet here’s the thing, COVID-19 happened in 2020 and most people and not just millennials took to buying online. The events accelerated the shift to ecommerce. There was no other choice but to find and buy online, most of the things needed and wanted.

Today, nearly every type of business is looking for an ecommerce development company to build an ecommerce website. Since shopping online has become the new norm, businesses need to have a platform that will enable them to attract and serve all demographics and not just millennials.

Notable Features and Options of a User-Friendly E-commerce Website

Even as many prefer to maintain their brick and mortar stores or offices, an e-commerce website that can process and complete online orders will prove to be the best selling strategy.


The important thing though is to provide an online shopping experience that works well on any device and for any generation of shoppers. Statista says around 79% of online shoppers use smartphones and tablets when browsing and making their purchase, while the rest use laptops and desktops. Even if they are the minority, they still represent opportunities that should not be missed.

Make Certain Your E-commerce Website is Truly User-Friendly

User-friendly and easy-to-recognize buttons, large product images and seamless loading, are the most important elements for online shoppers. E-commerce website owners must be the first to test if their platform meets the user-friendly label.


Make sure the checkout processing is optimized for mobile payment methods, since the traditional long form version used for desktops, is not the responsive type as far as smartphone users are concerned. In addition, adding a mobile-payment ption is another feature that makes for a great online shopping experience, especially when catering to millennials.

Establish Integrity by Encouraging Buyers to Post Genuine but Helpful Reviews

Take note that most online shoppers prefer to read genuine reviews of those who actually purchased products. Encourage buyers therefore to post genuine but helpful reviews about the purchase they made.

It’s also sensible to make social sharing a core element of your website, since most buyers rely on the opinion or feedback of the people they follow in social media sites.

According to surveys, celebrity endorsements matter only to the respective fans of celebrities. Star-studded advertising strategies are no longer as effective. Yahoo found out from surveys that 66% of online shoppers would rather consult a friend or family, who at least has relevant experience or knowledge about a product, before deciding to buy one.