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For a small business, outsourcing a service is a cost-efficient decision. However, after your profit passes a certain stage, you might just be better by hiring an in-house bookkeeper. But many are wondering on how they can figure out if this is the best solution for their business. There are few questions that can help you out in this matter similar to:

  • What solution delivers the best cost effective approach for the business?
  • What would be the reasons why you must hire someone rather than outsourcing the task?

The Advantages of having an In-House Accountant

As a matter of fact, there are many good reasons for getting an in-house bookkeeper or accountant in your business and some of it are discussed in the next lines.

Number 1. Accuracy

Your business accounting requires specialized and specific service. In this case, outsourcing the task might be pricier than just having an accountant of your own. By hiring someone, you are free to give the tasks that you need to be done. Outsourced services on the other hand are available only for a package price that might not always suit your requirements.

Number 2. They’re Few Blocks Away

Few blocks to your office is a lot faster and easier than waiting for an email response or a phone call to someone who is at the opposite side of the world. For someone who is in similar building though, you can get answers right away. This allows you to get more things done in the process.

Number 3. Exceptional Multitasking

For small business and any growing business out there, it is a must to be able to multitask. External workers will not be that keen on providing this kind of service or even spare the skills or time that you need.

Being able to have someone who works in-house only indicates that the function evolves in similar way that your business expects and can easily and quickly adapt in fulfilling the needs and requirements of your company.

Number 4. Loyalty

By having your own bookkeeper or accountant brings a different level of loyalty as well. Outside accountant has other clients who they are servicing and thus, not bound to your company’s vision and objective. Aside from that, you can’t be sure that all critical and sensitive information regarding your business stays within your company.

Basically, a lot of debt collectors who are in this business have experienced and seasoned accountant working for them in-house. This is to ensure that their finances and numbers are all accurate.