Singapore 2017 – Speakers

What made Singapore to be a highly developed country is its open trade market economy.

Believe it or not, this has been ranked as the least corrupt, most open and most business friendly.

Plus, the low rates of tax partnered with high GDP per capita are two other factors that are accountable for the friendly business environment of Singapore.

Facts Prior to Investing Your Money

This made so many investors to pour their investment in the country. You too may invest if you have the money. However, it is advisable and helpful that you do your homework and know the demands in Singapore. Doing business in a foreign country no matter how alive the economy is will require thorough knowledge of the country including its

  • Culture
  • Law
  • Existing establishments and
  • Overall business atmosphere

Keep this in mind nothing would kill a business fast than having everything based on assumptions than factual data.

Perfect Business Ideas in SG

One of the biggest and β€œIN” business right now is food business. Also, even though the country has limited land area, agriculture is a thriving industry that you want to penetrate. With the fast paced lifestyle in SG, opening fast foods as well as snacks will surely be a hit especially among those who are working their way up on the corporate ladder.