The Agenda – SG ’17

Ask any successful entrepreneur about their startup and everyone will tell you the same thing, “it was not easy”. There are many challenges that your business will go through and these challenges will require critical decision making which will make or break your business. Succumbing yourself to pressure yields poor business decisions which hampers your success.

There is no foolproof plan in bringing startups to success.

However, there are mistakes that are frequently done by new business owners. If it is not handled well, this can be dangerous and can impact the business negatively.

So let’s dig in on what are the mistakes you should and can avoid.

Skipping on Business Planning

It’s true that the planning phase can be tedious and time-consuming. But here’s what you should remember, a solid business plan will keep you away from operating in the dark.

Setting Goals

Goals give you direction. It helps in monitoring your everyday operations and whether you are meeting the metrics for optimal business performance. With smart goals in place, it’s easier to identify where to go and what steps to be executed to get there.

Undervaluing Services or Products

The lack of confidence in your products or services is dangerous. It is undermining the uniqueness you have among other competitors and not be able to perform at your finest.