Monthly Archives: May 2022

Value of Financial Reporting in Business

The overarching goal of financial reporting is to provide information about a company’s financial position. You can assess the financial situation. You can use the triumvirate of profitability, liquidity and stability to do this. In order to be able to assess these basic target values ​​of financial success, you must prepare various financial evaluations with […]

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Insurance Around The Company

As an entrepreneur, you have to keep an eye on many topics relating to insurance and pensions. Depending on the industry, there are additional specific risks. To ensure that the insurable risks remain manageable, public liability insurance wa offers a comprehensive program of individual insurance. They also offer advantageous insurance combinations. Protect yourself against the […]

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Millennials Emerge as New Breed of Investors Engaged in Retail Investing

Prior to the pandemic, stock market analysts noted that only 2 of 5 millennials invested their savings in the stock market using online brokerage platforms. They came to be known  as retail investors, as a distinction from the institutional investors. The latter is usually an investment firm that hires employees to broker investments in behalf […]

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